Trade Bitcoins

Bitcoin Sellers:

stevenmichaels is asking 103% up to $1,000 via in-person trade (Encinitas, CA, USA) or cash by mail

Exchange Price:

Bitcoin Buyers:

MisterB is bidding 90% up to $1,000 via cash by mail or cash deposit to bank account (USA)


We connect cash buyers and bitcoin sellers while providing arbitration services with a 2 of 3 multi-signature mechanism using Bitrated.

Buyer, Seller and TradeBitcoins have voting authority and only 2 votes are required to release the funds. This means that Buyer and Seller can agree to release the funds at any time and TradeBitcoins is there only to arbitrate disputes.

We charge 1% for this service and it is charged to the Bitcoin Buyer at the time of settlement.

How to Trade

Bitcoin Sellers must set up the actual trade at Bitrated and select TradeBitcoins as the arbitrator. As a Bitcoin Seller you will need to make your contact info public at Bitrated so buyers can contact you to request that you set up the trade.

To reduce risk of fraud all trades should be in-person trades, cash deposits, or mailed cash payments.

If you wish to post a bid/ask below please click here to submit it and we will post it up on this page.

To accept a Bitcoin Buyer’s posted offer to buy your bitcoins, login to your Bitrated account and initiate the trade by selecting TradeBitcoins as the arbitrator and send the trade invitation to the Bitcoin Buyer’s username as listed above.