Bitcoin Wallet Options:

Before acquiring bitcoins you will need to set up your own Bitcoin wallet. Here are a few suggestions:

Mycelium Android Mobile Wallet – This is a favorite smart phone wallet for android phones. It allows you to spend from your CoinKee™ paper wallets which is a great feature.

BreadWallet iPhone Mobile Wallet Bitcoin Wallet – Excellent wallet and business directory for both iPhone and Android.

LedgerWallet – Excellent solution for secure, high-dollar balances.

CoinKee™ – Bitcoin Power tool for creating paper wallets (cold storage). Also comes with excellent bitcoin training.

How To Buy or Sell Bitcoins:

There are many ways to buy bitcoins. Here is our favorite:

Where To Spend Bitcoins:

You can spend your bitcoins at numerous businesses. Here are our favorite places: (buy gift cards for food, gas, groceries and more)

Zia Gold

CoinSpender™ (buy anything from and get a discount) (airfare and hotels)

Business Directories:

How To Pass Bitcoins On To Your Heirs:

Bitcoin Stats/Charts:


Bitcoin Myths:

Support the Bitcoin Network

Download the bitcoin client and follow the instructions to run a full node and help keep bitcoin decentralized!


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“Money, as we know it, is changing. The liberating power of technology, combined with the proliferation of the internet, have been a boon to individual liberty and the betterment of humankind. This technology is now enabling individuals the opportunity to wrestle control of their money away from the centralized power structures that have robbed them of their production and purchasing power for centuries. When you free the money you can free the people.
– Anthony Freeman, Bitcoin – What It Is and Why It Matters